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The School of the Spirit brings in-depth understanding of the scriptures prophetically. The Early Christian Church (before 325 A.D.) believed that the Bible was to be understood from a historical, moral, and mystical understanding.

What you'll get:

School of the Spirit has 15 Classes.

  • 1. What is Creation?
  • 2. Building A Proper Foundation_Part 1.
  • 3. Building a Proper Foundation_Part 2.
  • 4. Are the Laws and Commandments of God done away with?
  • 5. Finding Hidden Mysteries
  • 6. Those who have eyes to see?
  • 7. What does Carnal Seed mean?
  • 8. The true meaning of Mystery Babylon in the Book of Revelation
  • 9. How do we obtain Grace through Faith?
  • 10. What is the Covenant of Abraham? 
  • 11. What are the characteristics of The Chosen?
  • 12. What are the Fruits of God?
  • 13. Does God have Patterns in the Bible?
  • 14. The Battlefield
  • 15. Who is Elijah? What role does he play at this time?

Each class has a set of final exams to test your knowledge.

As long as you maintain your subscription, you will have access to all your classes.

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